Our Crew

    When it comes to the Can-Do crew, who we are and what we do are inseparable. Helping our guests find the best solutions – from finding the right feed for your pet to finding the right product for your deck – is our passion. So from the moment you walk in our front door to the time you drive out our back gate, you’re helped by a team whose top priority is to serve you like we would want to be served.

Dori Bourisaw
Paint Lead & Floor Team
Liz Burgess
Checkout Team & Floor Team
Scott Cheers
Yard Team & Floor Team
Dan Cermak
Floor Team
Katie D’Angelo
Floor Team & Yard Team
Thad Harrison
Floor Team
Michelle Holloran
Checkout Team & Floor Team
Kyle Hubbard
Yard Team Lead
Benjamin Jahn
Floor Team
Keaton Jahn
Design & Development
Darren Jahn
Store Owner
Kimberly Jahn
Store Owner
Brad Johnson
Floor Team
Anna Lake
Checkout Team & Floor Team
Gene Littleton
Crew Chief
Julie Moran
Store Manager
Mark Moran
Support Team
Blake Myers
Support Team
Anthony Proffer
Yard Team
Rochelle Reed
Checkout Team Lead
Rocky Taylor
Floor Team
Donna Waldrop
Operations Chief

Our Story

  • In 1968, Bob and Sally Kirkwood bought and remodeled Main Building Supply, founding its defining principles of community and service. In 2001, their daughter and son-in-law, Kimberly and Darren Jahn, bought the family business. Main has flourished in the two decades since, evolving into an ever-more helpful hub of community and service.

The 1960's
The 1970's