Our Crew

    When it comes to the Can-Do crew, who we are and what we do are inseparable. Helping our guests find the best solutions – from finding the right feed for your pet to finding the right product for your deck – is our passion. So from the moment you walk in our front door to the time you drive out our back gate, you’re helped by a team whose top priority is to serve you like we would want to be served.

Isaac Armstrong
Floor Team & Yard Team
Dori Bourisaw
Paint Lead & Floor Team
Jessica Brown
Support Team
Liz Burgess
Checkout Team
Al Caplan
Stocking Team Lead & Floor Team
Dan Cermak
Floor Manager & Floor Team
Scott Cheers
Yard Team
Katie D’Angelo
Floor Team & Nursery
Cody Havniear
Floor Team & Stocking Team
Russell Hanover
Yard Team & Stocking Team
Pam Holden
Floor Team
Kyle Hubbard
Yard Team Lead
Benjamin Jahn
Floor Team
Keaton Jahn
Design & Development
Darren Jahn
Store Owner
Kimberly Jahn
Store Owner
Gene Littleton
Crew Chief & Floor Team
Chris Martin
Office Team Lead
Marti Martinez
Floor Team
Bobby May
Shift Lead & Floor Team
Julie Moran
Store Manager
Mark Moran
Special Projects & Support Team
Kiyara Nelson
Checkout Team
Zyles Perryman
Checkout Team & Stocking Team
Jebediah Poling
Floor Team
Rochelle Reed
Checkout Team Lead
Donna Waldrop
Inventory Warden

Our Story

  • In 1968, Bob and Sally Kirkwood bought and remodeled Main Building Supply, founding its defining principles of community and service. In 2001, their daughter and son-in-law, Kimberly and Darren Jahn, bought the family business. Main has flourished in the two decades since, evolving into an ever-more helpful hub of community and service.

The 1960's
The 1970's